Nova Scotia Snakes

Nova Scotia Snake.

Nova Scotia is home to five species of snakes. None of these snakes are poisonous or venomous, and we rarely see them reach more than a meter in length. Despite this, snakes are still a source of fear for many individuals. For as long as humans and snakes have cohabitated, snakes have suffered a bad reputation rife with myths and falsehoods. They do not sting with their tongues or milk cows, and they’re unable to bite their own tails, or curl up like hoops to roll down hills. What they do have are some wonderful adaptations to help them thrive in their natural environments!

Snakes in Nova Scotia hibernate over the winter months, often in large groups. Breeding typically occurs in the spring. Some of our snake species lay eggs, while others partake in live birth. Animals that predate snakes include large birds, foxes, raccoons, bears, and domestic cats.