About the Museum

The journey to this permanent location encompasses many stops and identities along the way: from its rooms in the Post Office Building in 1868 as the Provincial Museum; quarters at the Burns & Murray Building on Hollis St in 1898; to a section of the Nova Scotia Technical College Building on Spring Garden Rd in 1910, and a name change to the Nova Scotia Museum of Science in 1947.

In 1970, to accommodate the expanding needs of the Nova Scotia Museum, the site at 1747 Summer St was established. The museum was responsible for the natural and applied sciences' and human activities' in Nova Scotia as well as local museums throughout the province.

By 1993, the Nova Scotia Museum underwent a sweeping reorganization. The museum as a single entity would blossom into a network of 27 museums across the province including historic buildings, living history sites, ships and specialized museums. As a result of this change The Museum of Natural History was created and moved into the building at 1747 Summer St.

This building houses not only the Museum of Natural History, but also the staff and administrative offices of the Nova Scotia Museum and the province's Heritage Department.

The Museum of Natural History, as it's known now, is responsible for the collecting and recording of artifacts of cultural significance to Nova Scotia as well as promoting Nova Scotia's natural landscape. Here at the Museum we house collections on Archeology, Ethnology, Mammals, Marine life and more.