Learning at home

Museum Maker

Maybe you've explored our collections - now we want to learn about yours. While we are all spending more time at home these days, why not create your own exhibit to show off your collection - just like a museum. 

Become a Museum Maker

How to make your own museum diorama

Roger Lewis, Mi’kmaq Cultural Heritage Curator

Nova Scotia Museum Curator Roger Lewis talks about the history of the Mi'kmaq.

Youtube.com Roger Lewis

Wee Wild Ones on the web

Wee Wild Ones, a program where kids under 5 and their caregivers can explore the wonders of nature, is now online. Enjoy stories and puppet shows; explore real museum specimens; build with tree blocks; and much more. 

Youtube.com Wee Wild Ones 

Wee Wild Ones on the web - Scavenger Hunt - episode 4 Noses (PDF)


Science & Natural History

Bird watching checklist

Looking for birds and listening for their songs is a great activity you can do in the woods or in the city. We made a bird checklist to get you started. Try saying their names in Mi'kmaw, French and Gaelic.

Bird checklist (PDF1.4 mB)

Arthropod Checklist

Insect field guide to the most commonly found insects (and non-insects) in Nova Scotia.  Try saying their names in Mi'kmaw, French and Gaelic.

Arthropod Checklist (PDF 400kB)


Fall leaf BINGO game. Learnto identify common tree leaves.

Leaf Bingo (PDF 407 kB)

My Tree Study

Choose a tree in your yard or neighborhood then use your observation skills to complete your tree study.

Tree study (PDF 590 kB)

Field Guide

Create your own field guide to observe and record the signs of the seasons.

Field Guide graphic

Scavenger Hunts

Several activity sheets encouraging observation and exploration around your neighbourhood.

Scavenger hunts (PDF 708 kB)


Nature comes to life in the Spring. Making it a fantastic time to explore to natural world around you! This SPRINGO Scavenger Hunt can help you make observations using your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste) and you can have fun learning a little Gaelic.

Summer Nature Trail - Slighe-Nàduir an t-Samhraidh

Summer is nature’s time to shine! Get out there and discover all the natural wonders around you. This Summer Nature Trail Scavenger Hunt was created to inspire you and help you on your journey. Plus, you can have fun learning a little Gaelic along the way.

Winter Nature BINGO

Winter is not the time to hibernate! Bundle up and get outside to discover nature during this extraordinary time of year. This Winter Nature Bingo Scavenger Hunt was created to inspire you and help you enjoy this frosty season! Plus, you can have fun learning a little Gaelic along the way.

Nature Observations

Using natural objects found around the house or in your yard, practice the skills of close observation and recording those observations in notes or drawings.

Observation Station (PDF 131 kB)

Object Investigation

Think like an archaeologist as you explore objects at home or online. Make detailed records of what you see and discover what ordinary objects can tell us about the people who use them.

Exploring Objects and Specimens (PDF 167 kB)

Anatomy of a Flower

Basic diagram of a flower with parts labelled and vocabulary included. Take what you learn then sketch and label a flower from your garden or neighbourhood.

Anatomy of a flower (PDF 134 kB)

Shark Teeth Lesson Plan

Lesson plan and activity sheet that shows the relationship between the size of a shark tooth and the animal that it belonged to.

Shark Teeth Activity (PDF 1.4 mB)

Simple Machines in Industry

A series of short videos that teach about how simple machines were used to power workshops, mills and factories in the past.

Watch Simple Machines videos on YouTube

Showcase of Nova Scotia Fossils and Geology

A video series hosted by Curator of Geology, Dr. Tim Fedak. Developed for grade 12 students, he interviews geoscientists from around the world who have experience with the rich geology of Nova Scotia

Fossils and Geology