Science on a Sphere


The Museum's Science on a Sphere shows complex presentations on a 18 foot round screen. This data gives viewers an opportunity to experience:

  • Live Weather
  • Land Surface Temperature
  • Accumulative Hurricanes
  • Earth at Night
  • Aerosol Black Carbon Optical Thickness
  • Sea Ice Animation
  • Our Sun: Live
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Blue Marble
  • Earth’s Moon
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Neptune
  • Uranus
  • Pluto
  • Solar System Size Comparison
  • Earthquakes: Live
  • Largest Recorded Earthquakes
  • Ocean Draining
  • Ocean Currents
  • Sea Surface Temperature
  • Shipping Routes
  • Air Traffic
  • Facebook Friendships

The Museum will often present live shows with interpretation staff which explore how Science on a Sphere works, highlights some of the best datasets that SoS shows and features interaction with the audience.