Scavenger hunt

Animals of the Museum 

  • Find different species of live frog in the Museum.
  • The Museum has Maritime garter snakes – how many can you find in the tank?
  • What is the first stage of a honeybee’s lifecycle?
  • How many foxes and skunks can you find in the Museum?
  • In the mammal gallery, which animal has two different coloured coats of fur? (Hint: white and brown) 
  • Find two other animals in the display with the Moose and deer.
  • Explore the Sable Island exhibit. Name 3 animals found on Sable Island
  • Which species of whale has a horn like a unicorn?
  • Name two animals in the under the sea diorama?
  • What type of bird has webbed feet and a colourful beak? 
  • What does Gus like to snack on?