Annual Salamander Meander

The 46th Annual Salamander Meander update.

Love is still in the air and it’s dating time for salamanders!

This year, since we are still unable to host events, we are going to have a virtual Salamander Meander instead of the traditional event at the pond. Through a series of videos, we will give you a “behind-the-scenes” look at how we prepare for a Meander and share our nighttime observations at the pond. Throughout April, we will also share fun facts about amphibians, including salamanders, and activities to inspire you to explore nature in your own backyard.

During this annual event, the Museum has invited the public to observe yellow-spotted salamanders return to the Heart-Shaped Pond in Hemlock Ravine Park to mate. Although, we cannot have the meander at the pond this year, we hope you can join us for this virtual event and continue the tradition. Next year, we hope to see you at the pond!

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Spring Nature Activities


Nature comes to life in the Spring. Making it a fantastic time to explore to natural world around you! This SPRINGO Scavenger Hunt can help you make observations using your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste) and you can have fun learning a little Gaelic.

SPRINGO Scavenger Hunt 

Bird watching checklist

Looking for birds and listening for their songs is a great activity you can do in the woods or in the city. We made a bird checklist to get you started. Try saying their names in Mi'kmaw, French and Gaelic.

Bird checklist (PDF1.4 mB)

Nature Observations

Using natural objects found around the house or in your yard, practice the skills of close observation and recording those observations in notes or drawings.

Observation Station (PDF 131 kB)


Watch the latest Virtual Salamander Meander video and other related videos here