Grade 6 - Pre / Post Visit Activities

Pre Visit

Vertebrate Worksheet

What makes mammals different from other vertebrate groups? How many amphibian species are there in the world? In this pre-visit activity, students explore vertebrate classification and compare the characteristics of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes through individual or small group research. This introductory exercise allows students to explore some of the concepts covered during the ‘Diversity of Life’ program and is an excellent complement to the ‘Research Poster Project’ post-activity.

Download Pre Activity – Vertebrate Worksheet [WORD 67 KB]

Post Visit

Research Project

Vertebrate or invertebrate? Endothermic or exothermic? In this post-visit activity, students conduct research on a specific animal and its various characteristics, including appearance, behavior, and habitat. Students are encouraged to select an animal that is different from the ones examined during their visit to the museum, as a way to practice newly acquired knowledge and skills. This curriculum-based post-visit activity is an excellent complement to your own lesson plans or thematic units, and is a great companion to the ‘Exploring Vertebrate Classification’ pre-activity

Download Post Visit Activity – Research Project [WORD 41 KB]