Grade 5 Virtual Program

A’tukwaqan – Exploring Storytelling in Mi’kma’kik 

Program description

Have a Museum Interpreter join your classroom! Explore the role of storytelling in Mi’kmaw culture with this new, virtual school program. Students are introduced to Mi’kmaw vocabulary, the seven sacred teachings, and the importance of oral traditions. Following the program, students will apply what they learn to create their own stories focused on one of the seven sacred teachings.  

This program includes the option for a second virtual visit, where students can present their completed stories to the Museum Interpreter. 

Curriculum links

Grade 5 Social Studies: Learners will investigate how we learn about the past with a focus on Acadians, African Nova Scotians, Gaelic, Mi’kmaq and additional cultures. 

Grade 5 English Language Arts: Learners will use writing and other representations to explore, clarify, and reflect upon thoughts and experiences. 

Grade 5 English Language Arts: Learners will create text, independently and collaboratively, using a variety of types of writing for a range of audiences and purposes.  

Mi’kmaw Language Curriculum

Culture outcome: Students will demonstrate an understanding of Mi’kmaw values, culture, and customs and practices, using the Mi’kmaw language.  

Program length

35-40+ minutes 


One class 

Technology requirements

Projector, computer, speakers, microphone, and internet connection. A technology test run with Museum staff prior to the live program must be booked a week in advance of the program date. 


$75.00 (including optional follow up visit) 


  • Introduction 
  • Seven sacred teachings 
  • Mi’kmaw legend of creation 
  • Group story development 
  • Conclusion 

Following program, students create their own stories. Classes have the option of booking a return visit with the Museum interpreter to present their stories.  


Please contact Liz Spence, at 902-424-6512 or email

Post virtual program survey