June Nature Zone


The Museum of Natural History welcomes you to Age of the Mastodon! Over 80,000 years ago, giant mastodons roamed the land, and their fossils tell us stories today. Come and discover what unique specimens have been found in sinkholes, farmlands, and waterways throughout Nova Scotia. Learn more about how fossils form, the difference between a mastodon and a mammoth, how a sinkhole forms and more, with museum specimens and hands on activities!


$3.55 per students

For every 5 students, one chaperone receives free admission.  Any additional chaperones receive the adult group rate of $5.25.

Teachers and EPAs are free!

Looking for a place to have lunch? We have a fenced in backyard with picnic tables, or we are only a short walk to the beautiful Public Gardens and the Halifax Commons where students can burn off some energy on the playground before you head back to school.


Nature Zone 2022 will run weekday mornings from Monday, June 6 to Friday, June 17. Schools must prebook their visit.


To book your visit, please contact Liz Spence at Elizabeth.spence@novascotia.ca or call (902) 424-6512.