Grade 2/3 Virtual Program

Plant and Animal Growth

Program description

What are the life stages of a honeybee? How does a seed travel? Have a Museum Interpreter join your classroom to explore the questions and more in our virtual Plant and Animal Growth program! Students are introduced to the life stages of different plants and animals and compare how the different ways living things develop. Following the program, students can apply what they learn in a fun worksheet.

Curriculum links

Science – Grade 2

Outcome: Learners will analyze the relationship between animal growth and the environment


  • Compare patterns of growth (COM, CT)
  • Compare the life cycles of familiar animals (COM, CT, TF)
  • Investigate conditions for healthy growth (COM, CT, TF)

Science – Grade 3

Outcome: Students are expected to explore and investigate plant growth and changes in various conditions.


  • Investigate the interconnectiveness of plants, living things, and the environment (CZ, COM, PCD, CT)

Program length

45 minutes 


One class 

Technology requirements

Projector, computer, speakers, microphone, and internet connection. A technology test run with Museum staff prior to the live program must be booked a week in advance of the program date. 




  • Introduction 
  • Animal and Plant Life Cycles
  • Life cycle comparisons
  • Conclusion 

Following program, educators have the option of providing students with a worksheet that supports the information learned in the program. 


Please contact Liz Spence, at 902-424-6512 or email

Post virtual program survey