Grade 4 - Pre / Post Visit Activities

Pre Visit Activities

Exploring Changing Landscapes

Our world is constantly changing. Every part of the Earth is a little bit different than it was yesterday. In this pre visit activity, students will explore how landscapes change from a global perspective.

Gr 4 - Pre Visit Exploring [WORD 379 KB]

Post Visit Activities

Mineral Bingo

Minerals are a very important natural resource. Though they may not realize it, students use minerals every day. Light bulbs, toothpaste, and even television wouldn’t be possible without these materials. Mineral Bingo can be completed in class, as a homework assignment or as a computer lab activity.

Gr 4 - Post Visit Mineral Bingo [WORD 274 KB]

Mineral Machine

If your students could create any machine, what would it be? In this post-visit activity, students explore the various uses of minerals as they create and draw their very own "mineral machine".

Gr 4 - Post Visit Mineral Machine [WORD 191 KB]

Changing Landscapes Research Poster

What causes tsunamis? How are islands formed? This research-based post-activity gives students the opportunity to learn how natural phenomena physically alter Earth's landscapes. A list of possible events is provided, although students are encouraged to choose their own. This research activity is an excellent complement to the "Exploring Changing Landscapes" pre- visit activity.

Gr 4 - Post Visit Research Poster [WORD 182 KB]