Cuir eòlas air na Gàidheil an Albainn Nuaidh – Explore Gaelic Nova Scotia!

Nature comes to life in the Spring. Making it a fantastic time to explore to natural world around you! This SPRINGO Scavenger Hunt can help you make observations using your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste) and you can have fun learning a little Gaelic.

Just like in BINGO, you mark an “X” if you find the thing in the square. You can complete vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. If you would like a challenge, you can try to find everything on the sheet.

To learn how to say the Gaelic words and phrases listed in Scavenger Hunt, you can watch the SPRINGO – Hear the Gaelic Words video below. Each word or phrase is repeated twice with a pause in between to give you a chance to try to say it.

Fiach gum bi thu ri spòrs innte! - Have fun with it!

Scavenger Hunt Sheet - Duilleag do Thòrachd-thaisgean an Earraich (PDF)

Hear the Gaelic Words