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Mastodon Evolution, Ecology and Extinction

Dr. Chris Widga is the Head Curator at the Gray Fossil Site and Museum at East Tennessee State University. Chris will share a short (25 min) presentation about “North American Mastodons: Evolution, Ecology, and Extinction” and be available for a few minutes for questions and discussion. NOTE: This will be a Zoom meeting and will be recorded for future reference.

Mastodon Digs of 1991 & 1993

In October 1991,Bob Grantham was the Curator of Geology at the Nova Scotia Museum when the phone rang and staff from National Gypsum Canada told him they had found bones and big teeth. For he and his team, this was the beginning of a year and a half of work to excavate one of the most complete Mastodon skeletons from an ancient sinkhole at the gypsum quarry as well a juvenile mastodon which was a first for Canada. Many other animals and plants were found with the bones. During this short presentation, Bob will share some of his insights and stories from collecting these important specimens.


Recent Ice Age video from the Atlantic Geoscience Society