Summer Nature Trail - Slighe-Nàduir an t-Samhraidh

Cuir eòlas air na Gàidheil an Albainn Nuaidh – Explore Gaelic Nova Scotia!

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Summer is nature’s time to shine! Get out there and discover all the natural wonders around you. This Summer Nature Trail Scavenger Hunt was created to inspire you and help you on your journey. Plus, you can have fun learning a little Gaelic along the way.

Find your way from the START to the FINISH by finding things in nature and learn the Gaelic words as you go. You mark an “X” if you find the thing in the square. You can go up, down, sideways or diagonal. If you can’t find the next thing on your chosen path, you may have to pick a different direction. Challenge yourself by finding the longest and shortest way to the end.

To learn how to say the Gaelic words and phrases listed in the Scavenger Hunt, you can watch the Summer Nature Trail – Hear the Gaelic Words video. Each word or phrase is repeated twice with a pause in between to give you a chance to try to say it.

Summer Nature Trail- Slighe-Nàduir an t-Samhraidh (PDF)

Hear the Gaelic Words