Earth Day Excursion

April 22, 2023

Citadel Drumlin Urban Geology Walking Tour - Free

11 am - 12 pm Meet at front of Museum of Natural History


A guided urban geology walking tour - with Dr. Tim Fedak, Curator of Geology, Nova Scotia Museum. Explore some glacial and urban geology with a fully accessible 2.5 km hike up and around the Citadel Drumlin in downtown Halifax. The geology walking tour will see evidence of the glacial ice that reached 1km thick above the ground 15,000 years ago and view the landscape from the top of the drumlin pile of rocks and gravel left when the glacier melted. This guided tour will also draw attention to “sidewalk fossils”, historic survey markers made of granite and other cultural features.

Accessibility notes

Fully accessible route on sidewalks, a small portion of grass. There is a steep incline and decline while travelling up and over the drumlin.

Citadel hill urban geology tour map.