The Zoological Collection of the NSMNH consists of representation of all major faunal groups found within Nova Scotia, as well as exotic organisms (Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Mollusca, Mammalia - among others).

The collection numbers about 300,000 catalogued entries. The principal collections are essentially in dried formats (study skins, pinned insects, shells etc.) with approximately 25% preserved in alcohol (fish, herptiles and some invertebrates).

At present, new collections are being established to supplement the existing material, specifically, a wet (alcoholic) bird collection, and representative complete skeleton sets. Field collection activity is restricted to filling voids in the collection and selected synoptic surveys.

This collection is used extensively for research and teaching purposes in addition to its availability as a reference collection.

Computerization of the catalogue data is currently under-way, with most of the fish, mollusc, herptile collection and entomological collection now entered. To examine specimens or data records, or discuss loans, contact the Laura Bennett, 424-6453 or Katherine Ogden, Assistant Curator/Registrar, 424-3385

Other significant Nova Scotia Zoology collections:

  • The Insectary, in Bible Hill, part of the Department of Natural Resources; specializes in forest insects.