The Geological Collections represent the rocks, minerals and fossils which occur in Nova Scotia or are of interest to Nova Scotians. The collections are divided into:

  • Mineralogical (9072 specimens)
  • Paleontological, divided into separate collections:
    • Invertebrate (2,251 specimens)
    • Vertebrate (1,755 specimens)
    • Paleobotanical (15,564 specimens)
  • Gemological (442 specimens)
  • Petrological (1,258 specimens)
  • Meteorite (10 specimens)
  • Structural (108 specimens)
  • Economic Ores (1,106 specimens)

Most of the collection records are accessible in database form, although not on the Net at the moment. For access to specimens or data records, or loan information, contact Tim Fedak, Curator of Geology, 902-424-6451