Museum Treasure Hunt for Beavers and Brownies

Group: Local Beaver Scout Colonies and Brownie Troops

Program Length: 1 hour

Program Capacity: 25 youth + chaperones (groups may be smaller) (1:5 ratio required)

Chaperones:Chaperones are required to stay with their groups and participate in the program. We require a ratio of one chaperone per 5 beavers (1:5).

Cost: $3.55 per child.

Program Highlights

The program offers beavers and brownies an opportunity to explore the museum’s galleries in search of hidden map pieces. Participants work together in teams, with the help of a chaperone, to solve clues, complete challenges, and assemble a map that will guide them to the hidden “treasure”. Using playacting, storytelling, teamwork, and cooperation, this program is a great way to spend a cold winter’s night with your beavers and brownies. 


The program begins with a “campfire” story that follows the adventures of two siblings as they head off to find their grandfathers hidden treasure. As the children encounter obstacles, the beavers/brownies will playact climbing, swimming, and crawling until they reach the treasure. After the story, participants will be divided into groups of five with one chaperone. Using a visual map of the galleries and a single clue, the groups will seek out pieces of a treasure map throughout the museum. As they find each new piece of the map they will have to complete a challenge and follow a new clue until they have five pieces. When the groups have found all of their map pieces, they will return to the “campfire” to assemble the map as a large group and follow the path to where ‘X’ marks the spot and claim their treasure!

Program Availability

Due to Covid 19, we are following the advice and guidelines of government and health authorities, and are currently unable to offer this onsite museum program.