Animal Tracks and Signs for Cub Scouts

Animal Tracks and Signs A Program Outline for Cub Scout Leaders

Group: Cub Scout Packs

Program Length: 60-80 minutes

Program Capacity: 32 Cubs + Chaperones (groups may be smaller)

Group: Cub Scout Packs

Program Length: 60-80 minutes

Program Capacity: 32 Cubs + Chaperones (groups may be smaller)

Chaperones: Chaperones are required to stay with their groups and participate in the program. We require a ratio of one chaperone per 5 scouts (1:5).

Cost: $3.55 per child.

Program Highlights

An important skill for any cub is the ability to recognize and identify the signs that animals leave behind. During this program, cubs will learn how to recognize animal signs through two activities. Based on the requirements for several badges, this program provides cubs with a dynamic way to tour the galleries while on the prowl for realistic track and scat replicas that have been hidden throughout the museum.

Cubs will seek out, identify, and record the various animal signs, proving they have the makings of an expert tracker!

Badge Requirements Covered

Naturalist Badge

  • Make a plaster cast or take a picture of an animal track.

Observer Badge

  • Recognize four different animal tracks or animal signs.

Canadian Heritage Badge

  • Visit a local museum. Draw a picture of some of the exhibits or things you see.


After a short introduction, cubs will learn the basics of creating a plaster cast of an animal track. Each cub will get to mix and pour their plaster into a track mold, demonstrating proper pouring technique and creating a cast to bring home at the end of their visit!

When the casting activity is finished, cubs will search through the galleries in search of animal signs hidden throughout the museum. Using provided field guides and observation sheets, the cubs will find realistic scat and track replicas, then identify and record their findings.

Program Availability

Programs are offered on Wednesday evenings.  Contact Michelle Dauphinee at or call (902)424-3563 for questions or to book a program.

Please note

This program may be cancelled due to inclement weather and we cannot guarantee that it will be rescheduled. If schools in the Halifax Regional School Board are closed for the day, the program will be cancelled as well.