Are you looking for information about ?

  • edible wild plants in Nova Scotia?
  • early gold mining in Nova Scotia?
  • the kind of furniture 18th century people might have used?
  • the shells and seaweeds you find on a beach ramble?
  • provincial museum associations across Canada?

The Museum's Library can help you.

Although the library is not a public lending facility its resources are available to all users for reference, to be consulted in the library. There are large work tables for your use. These resources are also shared with other institutions through the Inter-Library Loans system.

The Library in the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History building contains books, pamphlets, periodicals (a current subscription list of approx. 85 titles) and newsletters covering a wide subject range relating to natural history, social history and material culture, the decorative arts, conservation (of artifacts and buildings) research and methodology, and museology. The emphasis in these areas is on Nova Scotia, but there is also national and international material as it relates to the Nova Scotian scene and to the museum's program.

The Library boasts a particularly strong resource of materials concerned with all aspects of museum operation. This includes a large collection of journals published by museum organizations, and a wide selection of newsletters produced by community museums and historical societies.